Compulsive hoarding or pathological collecting is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by excessive acquisition of large quantities of materials or objects. The cluttering of the person’s home is so severe that they are no longer able to function in the living space. This can be a collection of trash, animals, mold, household items and much more. This often creates health risks to the occupants and minimal living space.

The hoarder’s home may be filled to capacity with trash and other items with only a narrow pathway winding through stacks of clutter. When the hoarder dies usually private companies are called to remove all of the clutter and trash in the apartment or house. Usually there is a massive rodent, insect and bug problem. IPS has completed dozens of hoarding situations.


This makes the decontamination and cleanup of the hoarder’s house very dangerous and hazardous to one’s health. Also the excessive amounts of pets inside the residence often produce unsanitary conditions. In many cases, feces, urine and blood are part of the cleanup process in hoarders.

As a biohazard decontamination company, IPS would use the same procedures and safety protocols to clean the hoarding location as we would for a biohazard cleanup. The first thing you would do is decontaminate the house and then remove the hoarding situation.

In many hoarding locations and houses bloodborne pathogens could be present in the trash, kitchen and bathrooms. In most hoarding cleanups everything in the apartment or house is removed and discarded. When the job is complete the residence is completely vacant and stripped down to the wooden or tile floors. Many times the cost of the hoarding cleanup is paid by the homeowner insurance.

Pricing a hoarding decontamination

There is a procedure on how to handle and decontaminate a hoarding situation. During the IPS training you will be instructed on how to handle this type of clean-up. In most cases everything in the house is discarded, carpet and appliances removed. Due to rodents, insects and other factors the house is normally gutted of everything.