Commercial Cleaning Services

Many offices have a specific directive on what to clean and areas not to venture into too. We offer high quality customized office cleaning and commercial services to general offices and businesses. We ask you to provide us with a checklist that will be completed the five days the offices are cleaned.

When you call IPS a team of trained professionals will arrive at your business office and clean your offices and/or facilities after hours. Our cleaning staff will not interfere with your day to day business operations.

IPS provides expert office cleaning whether you are a small business, large national corporation or a governmental agency. Our commercial cleaning services include daily, weekly, or monthly scheduled office cleaning. Our professional staff will clean and wax your floors, sanitize your carpets, and clean general areas. We can customize exterior cleaning and sanitize programs for you.

In addition, IPS can provide one time cleaning services for both emergency and normal cleaning situations. We also provide post biohazard disaster site cleanup. Feel free to contact us for a price quote at 1-800-510-0820.

Feel free to contact us for a price quote at 1-800-510-0820.

Background Check

IPS also provides commercial cleaning services. Are you missing items from the office desks? Did you ever find that missing key board? These are questions asked when your cleaning service is stealing from you. This will not happen when your contract with IPS for commercial cleaning services. All of our staff has passed a lengthy background and criminal check.